Look of the Day – Casual Little Black Dress

Clearly the most versatile and easily transformable piece of clothing … The little black dress (or LBD). Above is my variation with casual, fall twist.

Photo Information: Dress – Forever 21, Boots – XOXO, Knee-high socks and Scarf – Target.


Look of the Day – Autumn Aesthetic 

With the cooler weather comes sweaters, legwarmers, and booties… this is one combination I’ve been waiting all summer to sport.

Photo Information: Sweater, Skirt and Bracelets – Forever 21, Boots – Cat and Jack via Target, Legwarmers – Target, Belt – Mod Cloth, and Sunglasses – H&M.

Statement Shoes

So if you are like me, wearing black is pretty much an everyday occurrence. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE color, but black is classic and it goes with everything which makes getting ready in the morning so much easier.One way I counterbalance my day to day outfits, so that I don’t constantly look like I am heading to a funeral or some underground goth party, is to add a pop of color or pattern with the shoes I choose to wear.

Usually I search for more bold and bright shoes so that they really stand out from the otherwise monochromatic outfit, but if truth be told I can be seen in head to toe black quite often as well.

So next time you are out and about shoe shopping, try opting for the colorful or more daring choice 🙂

Photo Information: Heels – Kush Kouture



Let’s talk socks! With the dozens upon dozens of sock options out there right now, it is just silly to be wearing the same ol’ basic white sock. It just simply won’t do! 😉

There are socks for the cutesy, for the quirky, for the pattern-obsessed, for the animal lovers, and foodie fanatics. Whatever your thing is – there’s a sock to represent it.

So get out there and embrace your sock game!


Photo Information: Top Photo – Socks by Forever 21, Middle Photo – Socks by Happy Socks, Bottom Photo – Socks by Skater Socks, Shirt by Time Los Angeles, and Glasses by Dolce and Gabbana.

National Hat Day!

Today is National Hat Day! So whether it be a sombrero, top hat, bonnet, cloche, beret, fedora, or beanie; today is the day! Hats are a great accessory to add to any outfit. Not just to cover a tragic case of bed head or protect from the elements, hats can be the finishing touch you are looking for to complete your overall look. Happy Hatting! 🙂